Keen Eyes gift

Keystone (brain, face, eyes)

Better Seeing You have better eyesight. When using Observation to see something, you may negate the highest-showing difficulty die that opposes you.


Flash Shutters/Light Intensification Filters

(Replaces the Night Vision gift for Alchemicals)
You can see better in the dark. For spotting and attack purposes, treat poor lighting as fair lighting. Night Vision does not compensate for complete darkness or being blind. Alchemicals who buy this gift also receive Flash Shutters for free, preventing bright lights and flash-bang grenades from blinding them (but not deafening them). Other effects, such as smoke or tar, can still blind a character by covering their eyes. Mortals must wear special goggles to gain Flash Shutters.

Diagnostic Overlay

An AR overlay shows the Exalt the internal workings of their patients, allowing them to diagnose illness and injury as a single Examine action, and giving a bonus d12 on surgery and medicine rolls when out of combat.

Microscopic Lens

The Exalt’s pupil can contract and magnify, allowing them to examine microscopic details and organisms. The character gains a bonus d12 to use such details in repairs or study.

Telescopic Lens

The Exalt’s eye can filter out interference and focus light to gain long-distance vision. All range categories are reduced by 2 for the character when this is active, but they must deactivate it to focus at nearby objects or they are Confused.

Thermal Scan

The character can lower a lens that replaces normal photoscopic vision with an infrared imager. The character gains a bonus d12 to detect concealed creatures if they are a different temperature from the rest of their environment, but the character is Confused if the environment itself is excessively hot (unless the character possesses Flash Shutters).

Mass-Penetrating Scan

Colloquially called “X-ray Scanner”, the character can selectively see through solid matter for one turn as an Examine action. They still cannot see through the Magical Materials, and vision becomes indistinct past 4-8 yards of solid obstruction. Lead counts as a magical material for the purposes of this charm.

Essence Sight Oculars

Requires: cast d8 or higher
To activate this charm, the character internalizes their Anima. This counts as an activation of Anima Banner and is likewise restricted. For the remainder of the scene, the character can perceive the higher-order truths of the universe, as their eyes glow brilliantly with the light of their Anima, making Stealth difficult. It functions as the Exalted charm All-Encompassing Sorcerer’s Sight otherwise.

Keen Eyes gift

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