Gift Slot Requirements

Note: Any gift with an asterisk * is installed in some capacity in the character’s head (listed with the gift), creating an AR overlay with which the character can reference vital information on the subject. The character can also study the specialization in question, spending an extra 5 experience in exchange for it requiring no slot for installation (the same cost as a mark in a skill).

Most gifts list multiple body slots. These gifts, once purchased, can’t be installed in any of these slots: they must still be installed in the slot for which the gift was designed. If desired, the character may buy a gift more than once, so that it is available for more than one slot.

Most gifts that require a hand, foot, or shin slot require both of them. If a slot is listed as “hand x2”, the character must install it in both of those slots. Some gifts list “hand x1” instead; these gifts can be installed in either hand and only take up one slot. Arms and legs, though each character has two of each, can hold one charm without taking up both slots, due to the size of the limb.

The following gifts require body slots:


Acrobat (hips, spine, back, abdomen, neck)
Brawling Fighter (brain, shoulders, hand x2, arm, pecs)
Charging Strike (shoulders, back, spine, foot x2, shin x2)
Contortionist (back, spine, hips, abdomen, neck)
Fast Climber (hand x2, arm, leg, shin x2, feet x2)
Fast Jumper (feet x2, shin x2, leg, spine, abdomen)
Plasma Thrust Assembly (feet x2, back, shoulders, spine, hips)
Hydrodynamic Propulsion System (back, spine, pecs, hips, shoulders)
Frenzy (brain or heart)
Hiking (heart, lungs, leg, shin x2, feet x2)
Keen Ears (brain, face, ears)
Keen Eyes (there are special rules for this one—it is now a Keystone gift)
Keen Nose (brain, face, lungs)
Legerdemain (hand x1, arm, hips)
Mounted Fighter (spine, abdomen, hips, leg, shin x2)
Parkour (spine, leg, arm, shin x2, foot x2)
Springing Strike (back, spine, leg, foot x2, shin x2)
Sure-Footed (hips, leg, shin x1, foot x2)


Artist (brain, hand x1)
Craft Specialty (brain, hand x1)
Dead Reckoning* (brain, eyes, face)
Extra Favorite with [Skill] (brain or based on skill)
First Aid (brain, hand x1)
Gambling (brain, hand x1)
Geography* (brain, eyes, face)
Heraldry* (brain, eyes, face)
History* (brain, eyes, face)
Junk Expert (brain, spine, hand x1, abdomen)
Language (there are special rules for this)
Medicine* (brain, eyes, face)
Mystic of [Occult]* (brain, eyes, face)
Pack Tactics (scalp, brain, heart)
Spelunking* (brain, eyes, face)
Tracking* (brain, eyes, face)
Unshakeable Fighter (brain, heart, spine)
Vengeful Fighter (brain, heart, arm)


Carousing (lungs, stomach, heart, lungs)—allows your character to drink and taste
Cosmopolitan* (brain, eyes, face, mouth, jaw)
Diplomacy* (brain, mouth, jaw, lungs)
Disguise (scalp, face, hand x2)
Etiquette* (brain, eyes, face, lungs)
Fast-Talk* (brain, mouth, jaw, lungs)
Law* (brain, eyes, face)
Local Knowledge* (brain, eyes, face)
Oratory* (brain, mouth, jaw, lungs)
Performance (ears, hand x1, lungs)
Seduction (brain, shoulders, hips)—allows a character to engage in sexual activity
Shadowing (scalp, shoulders, eyes)
Survival* (brain, eyes, face)
Team Player (scalp, brain, heart)

Trappings, Saving, Character Development

Signature Item (there are special rules for this)
Combat Edge (scalp, brain, heart)
Diehard (scalp, brain, heart)
Disarming Save (back, spine, arm)
Dramatic Disheveling (scalp, face, heart)
Retreating Save (back, spine, leg)
Shield Save (arm, shoulders, pecs)
Toughness (scalp, heart, abdomen)
Extra Career (brain)
Favor Bonus (brain, hand x1)


Natural gifts are going to receive major modification for obvious reasons, and will get their own page.


All Keystone gifts besides Ally require a slot.
Gifts that require Keystone gifts never also require a slot. When a Keystone gift is installed, all of these “submodules” that a character has purchased are automatically installed with it.
Ambidexterity (hand x2)
Counter-Tactics (scalp, brain, eyes, face, back)
Danger Sense (brain, eyes, ears, face, stomach)
Fast Mover (spine, hips, legs, foot x2, shin x2)
Fencing (arm, hand x1, shoulders, pecs)
Literacy (this requires special rules, but everyone has it by default)
Quick-Draw (arm, hand x1, hips, leg)
Resolve (scalp, back, spine, heart, jaw)
Sharpshooter (eyes, hand x2, arm, face, shoulders)
Streetwise* (brain, eyes, face)
Strength (back, abdomen, shoulders, hips, pecs)
True Leader (scalp, brain, mouth, jaw, heart)
Veteran (brain, face, heart, back, stomach)

Magical Gifts

This requires all sorts of fenangling. Assume you can’t take them, but some powers may require use of some of the magic gifts, for example:
Tremor’s Bombs: as the Elemental Apprentice (fire only) gift, and can purchase journeyman fire gifts, but using the Digging skill instead of Presence.
Glass’ Medical Tools: as the White Magic Apprentice gift, and can purchase journeyman white magic gifts, but using the Tactics skill instead of Leadership.
Nines’ Personality Override Spike: as the Green and Purple Magic Apprentice gift, and can purchase certain single-target journeyman cognoscente gifts, using the Brawling skill.


Alchemicals have no “animal instincts” to draw on, so they have very different rules for this. Unless otherwise stated, Atavism is considered a form of Martial Art, and requires the Perfected Lotus Matrix (and thus no body slots). Exceptions abound, for example, Iron Flower’s charm,
Piston-Driven Megaton Hammer
The Alchemical’s fist carries the power of justice! And the power of an industrial-scale pneumatic hammer which can extend from their forearm.
Requires Brawl d6, Body d6.
The character’s unarmed attack is now a +2 weapon with the impaling, concealed, magic, and brawl traits. The character cannot be disarmed, though others may be wary of the fact that they have a lethal weapon in their fist at all times. If the limb is ever removed, it can be reattached with normal healing, or restored at a Vats complex. Even if the limb is utterly destroyed, a Vats complex can provide a fully-functional new one within a day.

Martial Arts (Jadeclaw)

Martial Arts gifts require no body slots, but require the Perfected Lotus Matrix and a brawling skill of at least d4 and a favored use with that school. If multiple schools are practiced simultaneously, the character must purchase the Extra Favorite with [Skill], which DOES require a slot. If the gift is not installed, the character still understands the theory behind the art, but cannot access the gifts. A character can switch which art is set to their primary, requiring no slot, at a Vats complex.

Gift Slot Requirements

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