Careers work a bit like Cast, except mortals get one too. Every career gives a character three gifts, which do not take up a body slot, and add the die assigned to it to the three listed skills. Characters can have more than one career, but must purchase the Extra Career gift to do so, and must have all three gifts listed for that career to get it. Once this is done, the character gains a d4 in their new career, and can increase it with the Increased Trait gift as normal.

Soldier: Soldiers are good at fighting and taking orders. An army is nothing without skilled soldiers, and some Champions love to get on the front lines. Skills: melee, shooting, tactics. Gifts: hiking, veteran, pack tactics.

Spy: Spending all the time in enemy territory is extremely dangerous and requires a cool head and keen senses. Skills: deceit, observation, stealth. Gifts: cosmopolitan, low profile, local knowledge (any except home nation).

Scout: The Eight Nations are constantly moving through Autochthonia, and it’s important to have quick Champions to chart out the new terrain and report on gremlin activity. Skills: durability, observation, stealth. Gifts: dead reckoning, survival, veteran.

Miner: Digging through metal is dangerous work and miners can be expected to spend a lot of time around power tools and even explosives. Skills: climbing, durability, mining. Gifts: dead reckoning, spelunking, resolve.

Medic: Injuries are extremely common in the dangerous machinery, and before a surgeon can treat a patient, they have to survive getting home. Skills: academics, arcane, leadership. Gifts: first aid, pacifist, resolve.

Inquisitor: Sometimes, the only way to get information is to tear it from them. And when they’re finished, they need to be made into productive citizens. Skills: brawling, inquiry, intimidation. Gifts: resolve, torture, legal authority (home nation).

Engineer: In a world made mostly of machines, being able to design and program machines is a vital skill. Skills: academics, arcane, computers. Gifts: junk expert, craft specialty (electronics), saboteur.


Sniper: Masters of killing unseen, a sniper needs to be able to stake out a single spot for a long time. Though they often work in teams, it is rare for them to travel frequently. Skills: observation, stealth, shooting. Gift: sharpshooter, sniper’s shot, sniper’s trappings.

Diplomat: Nations need allies, and diplomats are experts at relaying information to foreign interests in a way that conveys a nation’s needs while also providing a compelling reason to form an alliance. Skills: inquiry, leadership, negotiation. Gifts: cosmopolitan, diplomacy, pacifist.

Model: Public morale is both very important and very difficult to maintain. While most Champions do some propaganda, a few revel in their public image. Skills: gossip, leadership, negotiation. Gifts: team player, performance (of choice), celebrity.


Lieutenant: Lieutenants may or may not be skilled fighters themselves, but they excel in directing others. Skills: Leadership, Observation, Tactics. Gifts: True Leader, Clear-Headed, Legal Authority (any military).

Bureaucrat: Though oft-maligned, the Eight Nations could not run without a diligently-maintained bureaucracy. Skills: Academics, Computers, Inquiry. Gifts: Clear-Headed, Law, Administration.



Riot Control: Unrest is present wherever large groups of people gather, and it’s a thankless but necessary job to keep them from breaking into violence… with violence, if necessary. Skills:







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