House Rules

New rules relating to the adaptation of the Ironclaw system for Alchemical Exalted!
Skills: there are no skills called “Swimming” or “Weather Sense”. Gifts that require or mention these skills are altered situationally.
Gifts: all characters possess the Literacy gift aside from some Tunnel Folk. This is treated as possessing the gift for the purposes of meeting prerequisites. The Fast Swimming gift is replaced by the Hydrodynamic Propulsion System gift. Night Vision is now a submodule for the Keen Eyes gift, which is also a Keystone gift.
Body Slots: Every character who is capable of installing charms has a limited number of slots that can be used. Not all gifts require slots, but most do. Cast and Career gifts do NOT require slots and cannot be switched out.

Exalted characters are mechanical heroes imbued with great power. As machines, they do not need to eat, sleep, breathe, or drink, but still require air to speak. Characters cannot swim without a gift and sink quickly upon entering any liquid of all but the greatest densities. All Exalted possess the Combat Save and Anima Banner gifts and one extra Increased (Trait) gift.
Extras roll only 2d6 for rolls which they are capable of making. They immediately die if they become Injured and become Terrified if they become Afraid. Damage inflicted by Extras is Weak. Extras are meant more as a type of dynamic scenery and not meant to pose an actual threat. If the general rabble is meant to be dangerous or important, use Typical stats instead.

New Gifts:
Hydrodynamic Propulsion System: the character floats in liquids and can move normally, treating any liquid of sensible density as though it were open space for the purposes of movement. The character can perform all normal maneuvers, but can perform them in three dimensions.
Anima Banner: all Exalts possess this gift, which varies by cast.
Perfected Lotus Matrix: a spark of enlightenment has been woven into the fabric of the character’s being. They are now capable of performing martial arts, and are instantly aware if an individual they can perceive has this charm.
Eidolon: the character remembers some of their past lives quite clearly.
Industrial Survival Frame: the character is augmented with some kind of protective barrier against the environmental effects of one of Autochthon’s elements.
Plasma Thrust Assembly: the character has thrusters built into their body, allowing them to fly. Treat as the Flight gift, but requiring Fast Jumper.
“Natural” Weapon gifts: though artificial, Alchemicals can create weapons from their own bodies, similar to the natural weapons of animals, though clearly mechanical in nature. Some of these gifts have additional effects.
Gremlin Syndrome: the character is infected with Autochthon’s horrifying mechanical disease and has been set to destroy the Machine God and all that he stands for. Gremlins infected with this horrible “gift” are called Apostates.

Colossi: Becoming a Colossus is an arduous and difficult procedure. When an Exalt has reached at least a century of age and/or completed a number of heroic-level, life-changing revelations (and acquired a Cast die of d12), their soulgem has matured enough to power a much larger and more demanding form. The character is submerged in a special Vat system for several months, during which they are put into a meditative sleep-stasis. Their body is deconstructed at the motic level, leaving just the Essence core and Soulgem, and then with the spark of Autochthonic power, they begin to rebuild themselves as a towering engine of divine power and will. When they emerge, it is as something greater. Not all of these emerged forms are humanoid; indeed, most are not, for the sake of efficiency. However, there is always something about the new Colossus that invokes the memory of the Champion it once was, nay, still is: the design of the torso, the shape of its face, the style of its carapace, even the general theme of its shape may represent the Champion’s anima and personal expressions. Such a symbol of Autochthonic power is what all Champions aspire to be, and the epitome of what Autochthonian society aspires towards… unless, of course, the Colossus were an Apostate…

House Rules

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