Frenzied Unbound Blood-Arm Ronin



Known information:

Caste: Moonsilver (Poison, Cosmopolitan, Survival)
Gifts: Flight, Signature Item, Perfected Lotus Matrix, Gremlin Syndrome

A skeletally-thin, spike-adorned frame with oily machines stretched precariously across his metal bones, too-wide smile adorning his rigid face, like a broken doll, framed with jagged ribbons of metal for hair. Wrapped around his shoulders like a morbid cloak is the stitched-together hide of mortals and machines alike, splattered with both fresh and rotted blood. His voice shrieks like a rusted knife drawn across steel, and his eyes and lips drip the tainted ooze of blighted moonsilver runoff.


Frenzied Unbound Blood-Arm Ronin

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