Ever-Ticking Clock


Orihalcum d4
Diplomat d8
Body d8
Speed d10
Mind d10
Will d6

Academics d6
Brawling d8
Dodge d6
Leadership d8
Melee d4
Negotiation d8
Presence d4
Ranged d4
Tactics d4
Throwing d4

Anima, Literacy, Languages: Autochthonic and Old Realm, Combat Save, Local Knowledge (Ot), Personality (Sanguine)
Caste Gifts: Overconfidence, Increased Mind, Luck
Career Gifts: Diplomacy, Etiquette, Honor
Perfected Lotus Matrix, Cleansing Flame Strike, Eidolon, Diamagnetic Super-Collider Drills (Right arm), Brawling Fighter (pecs), Signature Item (Daisho, hip)

Diplomacy gives you an extra d12 when you can take a long, reasoned persuasion attempt in Negotiation (it’s a specialty gift).

Etiquette gives you a bonus d12 in social situations where proper manners and knowledge of good taste is key.

Honor lets you gain a bonus d12 in matters of personal honor, and lets you swear to accomplish some goal and gain a bonus d12 against things trying to directly hindering you from fulfilling your oath, but if you ever act dishonorably, you lose the gift until you make reparations.

Perfected Lotus Matrix

Signature Item gift

“Natural” Weapon gifts

Golden Janissary Style


Sholok had always been as one with the people around him. Speaking to them, calming their nerves, and keeping everyone at peace no matter what the strife. To everyone around him, he was a bright light in any darkness. He was there for them to help them in whatever they needed, be it moving supplies at materials from one place to another, or to console someone when a loved one had been lost.

And of coarse, he was most beloved by his family. His wife, Milea, stood by his side for years, watching him keep the community alive and happy. When she was blessed with two boys, Leral and Fol, their community could not help but weep for joy at his happiness and the gift had been given to the couple.

But nothing good last forever, and sometimes, it ends suddenly, ripping away the spirits of many with an unexpected tragedy. Sholok had been occupied helping repair damage done to a building due to age and wear by moving supplies using a rather heavy bucket lift on a crain.

But, the damage was more then any had expected, and the building had begun to collapse. Fortunately, the building itself had been empty for the repairs in case such a thing had happened. However, now the very friends he had built with his dedication to the community where in danger. Debris rained down, and had fallen and trapped a number of workers, pinning them in place just under the buildings shadow. As quick as he could, he up-ended the contents of the bucket onto the ground, and swung the bucket over some of the workers who where to close to the building to get away in time. When he was sure that they where safe, and that no one else was around, he quickly escaped from the crain, and made way to safty, ready to dig out his friends and neighbors as soon as it was clear.

However, the building had chosen then to give out into it’s final collapse. Pieces of building rained down on him, and buried him beneath a pile of rubble that would take days to move and sort through.


Sholok awoke with a start, unsure of where he was, or how he was there. He remembered raining debris, and yet he was here, feeling very much alive. How and why was confusing to him at first, before he observed his own hand. A hand of gold, attached to an arm, and body made the same. His eyes feel on a glass container of liquid. A strangers faces stared back at him. He knew this was him, despite the unfamiliarity. He had become a Champion. His Orihalcum body shone in the light. Joy filled him at his condition. Joy at the fact that what he had been doing all his life was deemed the right choice, and that he had been given a body to further gifts to the community.

Little did he know, however, that this very gift came at a cost that had been already been paid and was beyond his power to change…

Ever-Ticking Clock

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